For the Public Good

A group of pro bono experts sharing the goal of creating a welcoming and inclusive community

In November 2014, Yoon & Yang established the Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation with the aim to promote social justice, advance public interests, and further the values of being “considerate and generous with community members”. The Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation offers free legal consultation and handles pro bono cases for the marginalized and less privileged in society by focusing on continuous legal research and related activities to improve society from a legal point of view and create a more welcoming and inclusive community. Visit Foundation
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Pro Bono Activity

Yoon & Yang Pro Bono Foundation engages in various activities related to supporting the marginalized and less privileged in society, such as the homeless, immigrants, refugees, children, juveniles, and key societal issues, such as the environment and health.
  • Legal aid activities through the Pro Bono Legal Center Pro bono litigation and legal consultation services
  • Research & support activities for legislation of laws related to public interests Public interest seminars, research, studies and policy improvement campaigns
  • Support for the marginalized and less privileged in society Sponsoring non-profit organizations and networking activities and supporting non-covered medical expenses
  • Activities to promote the principle of the rule of law Holding mock trials at schools, promoting laws related to protection of youth and educating the public on human rights
  • Philanthropic activities related to culture and society Snail Music Festival, Yoon & Yang Chorus, Refugee Film Festival